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It all started with an artist Bruce with a sweet gummy.

One day, Bruce with a sweet gummy took a bite of a gummy, but there was a hole in his mouth, the gummy was not eaten, and it fell to the floor, and the gummy began to undergo a DNA combination and strange changes. It grew larger and began to move, and it went out into the street, crashing into a number of buildings, and people ran in horror and exclaimed, "Gummy Monster!"

Later, the gummy monster disappeared without a trace, but after that, all kinds of gummies monsters appeared all over the world, and the era of "gummy monsters" began!

Product Details

Studio: OFFART X Just Kidding

Gummy Zilla Size:14x9.5cm(H*L)

Gummy Kong Size:14x7.5cm(H*L)

Material: Vinyl

Expected Release: IN STOCK

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